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Reviews of 'Spills & Spin'

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BP oil spill: Tom Bergin's book challenges view that Hayward was hard done by

"It took just over a year for the story of BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill to wash up in a tide of new books on the disaster. Of all the accounts so far, Reuters oil writer Tom Bergin provides the most compelling look at how BP found itself with President Barack Obama's boot on its throat and two-thirds of its market value evaporating."

- The Daily Telegraph, 7th July 2011


CNBC Video: Author Claims 'Culture of Risk' at BP

CNBC, 7th July 2011


Oil and Troubled Waters (Feature and book review)

"If you want to know why BP got itself into such a mess before and after Deepwater Horizon, Spills and Spin is an excellent and reliable account"

The Sunday Times - 10th July 2011


Tom Bergin explores how the Macondo disaster was rooted in the nature of BP

"Bergin.... has provided the best assessment yet of how the accident was rooted in the nature of BP."

The Financial Times, 15th July 2011


PR Lessons From BP: Book review of Spills and Spin by Tom Bergin

Fishburn Hedges Book Review Blog - 19th July 2011


Book Talk: Tom Bergin exposes spin behind BP spill

Reuters - 18th August 2011


Review – Spills and Spin: The Inside Story of BP

"Bergin's book is accessible, lively and utterly compelling..."

FairPensions.org.uk - 31st August 2011


Spills and spin: the inside story of BP - book review

"This is an account of that sorry saga (the Deepwater Horizon Disaster), written in tremendous style by the Reuters oil correspondent who covered BP for many years before the fateful moment in April 2010."

Financial World, September 2011


Majority of blame for Gulf oil spill lies with BP, two US agencies find(includes Tom Bergin interview)

The Christian Science Monitor, 14th September 2011


When is an oil company not an oil company?

OpenOil.net, 1st October 2011


Book Review of Spills & Spin

London Review of Books, October 2011


The Sunday Times - Book Review

"Daniel Yergin's vast study of the politics of energy, The Quest, may be essential reading, but Bergin's lively account of BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year is a much lighter read. Bergin charts how Lord (John) Browne cunningly rebranded BP as the first "green" oil company, even as key safety issues were ignored. A gripping story of corporate hubris and incompetence."

The Sunday Times, 4th December 2011


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